5 Ways Traveling Tests Your Relationship

Here are 5 ways that traveling tests a relationship:

  1. To Walk or To Run?

The alignment of daily routines is probably one of the bigger tests for a relationship.  Traveling is a good way to see if you go through a day to day routine at the same pace.  You don’t always realize it at home, because you’re both on your own schedules but when you’re away from home and your schedules are combined by force do they line up accordingly?

  1. The Good, the Bad, and the Hangry?

 It’s not that traveling brings out the worst in people, but you’re seeing them when they’re not always at their best. You’re with them when they’re tired, when they’re hungry, when things might not be going according to plan, and probably when they’re not looking or smelling their best. You’re getting to see all sides of them, the good, the bad, and the hangry; which can be an eye opener for better or for worse.

  1. 24/7: Heaven or Hell?

When you’re traveling there’s no such thing as space.  I mean you could create space if you wanted to go your own separate ways, but you’re there together so why would you travel separately?  Unless it really has reached the point of no return, but even then I’d still say “till trip do us part.”  That being said I find most people underestimate the power of the 24/7.  It’s a long time to be with someone nonstop.  Free time and privacy are limited.  Heck even the bathroom times need to be coordinated.  But the lack of space is a great way to see if you can really stand being around someone all the time, after all that’s what married life would be.

  1. Laughing, Crying, or Both?

Laughter is essential, but tears and laughter at the same time are crucial in a travel companion.  When things aren’t going according to plan, you’re tired, or hangry but somehow you still manage to laugh, even if it’s about nothing, that’s when you know you’re golden.  You can be in the worst of moods, but if it ends in laughter then you know you can solve anything with time.  Not being able to stay mad or making the most out of not so great situation is key when traveling with your partner.  Plus it makes things more fun!

  1. Questions or Answers?

If you’re traveling with someone or even just at home sitting on the couch and you still find yourself questioning things then take it as a sign.  In the moment things should feel easy and natural, not forced.  You shouldn’t be questioning, you should just be enjoying the time you have together.  That being said there’s no such thing as a perfect world or a perfect relationship, but no good relationship starts with doubts and insecurities.  If you don’t have a clear idea of how you’re feeling after traveling and spending time together then you have your answer.

So next time the opportunity presents itself for you to travel with you partner, do it!  Put your relationship to the travel test.




photo sourced from @kiwisoffcourse



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